Telecommunications for the Deaf

Telecommunication is the transmission of signs,signals and message of any nature. Telecommunication is very key to modern society nowadays. There are various ways of communicating to one another i.e via message, email address, invoices etc. In the ancient times, it was very hard for communication to be passed from one place to another because in those days there was no internet, so they finally found a very unique method of communicating which scientists find very interesting.

Smoke signals, drums and horns were the methods used in the old days. They found it was an easier and cheaper way of communicating. Telecommunication is extremely important and some of its key features are:

1. It provides a lot to the world, it provides money, business and market stability.

2. It also provides helpful research and foundation to other coming technologies.

3.It also provides vital infrastructure to a national security.

In recent years communication has been hard to reach out to everyone, for example for the deaf people. It was so hard to pass information to the deaf until recently scientists started figuring out the best way to communicate to a deaf person.

The society may see this type of people as cursed, which is not absolutely not true. A certain non governmental organization introduced a device capable of reaching out to the deaf people. The device is called Telecommunication Device for the Deaf (TTY) and since the introduction of this device, deaf people have found another reason to be happy.


Telecommunication Device for the Deaf is currently accessible in the vast majority of the countries. Even at special schools for the deaf, the device has helped a lot of deaf students to achieve clear and successful communication with each other. Nowadays, communication has become so easy and reachable thanks to the new technologies being invented every day, so even the deaf are now able to access and hear any information given to them.